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Database Usage Analysis

The documents below list the top 10 most and least used databases according to our user communities as well as a cost-per-use analysis. These statistics are a portion of the data used by the Collections Workgroup to evaluated the KYVL Core Collection of databases. The current version of these documents includes data from FY 2008-2009.

Most/Least Used Databases by Number of Searches
Most/Least Used Databases by Number of Sessions
Most/Least Used Databases by Number of Full-Text Documents Retrieved

Cost Per Use - 08/09

Database Usage Archive

Provided below are the annual usage reports and monthly usage bar charts for each fiscal year prior to FY08-09. The annual usage reports display annual search data for all KYVL resources, broken down by vendor and user community. These monthly usage charts compare the number of monthly searches across a single fiscal year.

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