We'd like to share some of the kind words folks have said about KYVL over the years. Thank you to everyone who agreed to let us post their praise.

  • I want very much to be able to keep these resources. The KYVL is one of the biggest bargains around. - Gene Haynes, Robley Rex VA Medical Center
  • Thank you for all your hard work; we know you do your very best and we appreciate the work you, Charlene and others do to make this available to us. – Beverly Cooper
  • Your Research Rocket skills page is the cutest thing that I have ever seen! It is so helpful, and definitely something that we would like to link to on our Kids' web page at the library. Thank you very much for an excellent resource!
    - Lisa Beauvais, Librarian from Illinois
  • Last week I attended the Convergence Conference at the Center for Rural Development in Somerset. While there I attended a session presented by KYVL staff Enid Wohlstein and Betsy Hughes that focused on KYVL resources. Perhaps I am "behind the times" when compared to other media specialist's knowledge of what all is available through our virtual library, but let me just say, I was truly blown away with what is possible! After attending the conference I contacted Betsy concerning opportunities for online training...and just yesterday I participated in an hour-long online session for middle and high school educators. ( There is another session scheduled for elementary educators on December 4th. ) If you are like me, and have only touched the surface of KYVL, I encourage you to contact Betsy or Enid to find a time for training. I also want to commend these two ladies for the job they do. They are very helpful, accessible and knowledgeable. We truly have a great resource and great resource people at our disposal.
    – Diana Anderson, LMS, Pineville Independent Schools
  • Thank you very much for your determination to find another avenue to keep KYVL and our high schoool services alive and well. It is encouraging to learn of your initiatives to fund our programs. It would be a severe loss to be without our EBSCO Magazine/Newspaper, Journal Database in the high school.
    – Mary Ellen Miller, LMS, Ludlow County Schools
  • The list of cuts is certainly a sad movement for school libraries. How sad it is that our children will not have access to everything they need during their high school tenure. Thanks for all your hard work and effort in this matter.
    – Madonna Morley, LMS, Pike County Schools
  • I would like to thank you for your work with KYVL on behalf of especially Kentucky students. I have always used the HW Wilson Biography database with my students.
    – Karen Murphy, LMS, Pikeville Independent Schools
  • Thank you for your dedicated hard work to maintaining the integrity of KYVL! I am passionate about KYVL and recognize the absolute need for it in our state; at the school level it is truly the great equalizer!
    - Lynda Short, LMS, Fayette County Schools
  • I wanted to personally thank you for adding the Small Business Reference Center. I am eager to take training from Ebsco on this database. I want to do a presentation to the Networking Women group in Glasgow. This is a wonderful database and will support the libraries partnership with the Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute. The library houses the Entrepreneurs Resource Center (ERC) which supports small business growth and development.
    Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for KYVL and everything you and Enid do for our library.
    – Lynn Andrews, Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library

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