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Research Databases

KYVL currently provides access to over 60 licensed indexing, abstract and full-text databases. KYVL’s licensed database contracts provide Kentucky citizens access to over thousands of indexed publications containing over full-text resources as well as images and maps.

Kentucky Digital Library

Kentucky Digital Library is a project with the mission of creating a permanently available digital collection of Kentucky-oriented historic materials. Collections and subsets of collections selected have a strong Kentucky orientation as well as broad appeal on geographic, content and study levels. The materials are unique or not widely available. Collections are proposed by archivists at the repositories based on their evaluation of the materials' appeal and appropriateness.

KYVL contracted with Digital Programs of the University of Kentucky Libraries to provide management of this statewide digitization project and the ongoing technological infrastructure for the Kentucky Digital Library. In this role, UK manages the systems infrastructure for the digital library, creates and conducts training modules on digital library technology and performs digital conversion of selected archival material from around the state.

Ground Courier Service

KYVL coordinates ground courier service to 187 public libraries and postsecondary institution libraries, both public and private, across Kentucky. Currently, a total of 444 “stops” or “pickups” are made at those 187 libraries. The primary focus for KYVL is to provide the same level of library services to distance learners as those provided for residential or traditional students. Central to this distributed system is the collaboration and cooperation of all types of libraries; KYVL has offered the ground courier service for interlibrary loan and course materials delivery to serve students and faculty both “on campus” and at a distance, as well as the citizenry for personal and workforce needs.

KYVL’s participating libraries include the eight public universities, KCTCS, 116 public libraries, the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives and 15 private institutions that have opted to purchase courier service via KYVL. By allowing the private postsecondary institutions’ libraries to participate, students and faculty of the public postsecondary institutions benefit from delivery of materials from those collections. Additionally, the citizens of Kentucky have the added gain of access to the same service used by academic and public libraries alike.

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