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This section provides statistical information on science-related activities in Kentucky other than those related to agriculture and education. Statistics may also include data on research, development and funding.

AAAS R&D Budget and Policy Program
State profiles on the impact of federal R&D on states; includes summary tables and charts showing the latest data on federal R&D by state; also includes historical tables back to 1970.
Digest of Education Statistics - Research and Development
Table of federal obligations for research and development by R&D plan by state and agency.
Digest of Education Statistics - Science and Engineering
Table of federal science and engineering obligations to colleges and universities by state and agency.
Economic Census: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services- Kentucky, 1997
This site addresses a small number of scientific-related businesses such as engineering, testing laboratories and geophysical surveying. Statistics include the number of establishments, employment, payroll and value of sales, receipts, revenue, or shipments for establishments with paid employees. It is available by state, county and metropolitan area.
Federal Research and Development in Kentucky
Rand Corporation's report with charts, statistics and tables.
Kentucky Technology Trends 2006
This comprehensive assessment was conducted in November 2005 and highlights Kentuckians’ use of computers, the Internet and technology in general. The survey involved nearly 11,000 Kentuckians representing each of Kentucky’s 120 counties.
Kentucky Technology trends: County Profiles
Provides county-specific information and updates for each of Kentucky's 120 counties.
R&D and Kentucky's Economy
Report containing statistics and charts that show the impact of federal R&D on Kentucky's economic growth.
Science and Engineering State Profiles
From the National Science Foundation, this site provides state profile information about the numbers of doctoral scientists and engineers; Science and Engineering doctorates awarded, including by major S&E fields; S&E graduate students and postdoctorates; Federal Research and Development obligations, by agency and performer; total and industrial R&D expenditures; and academic R&D expenditures, including by major S&E fields.
Science in your backyard: Kentucky
Statistics on water resources, earthquake activity and minerals

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