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This page provides health and nutrition statistical information for Kentucky from federal, state and county sources. This includes topics such as health care workers, expenditures, resources, insurance, hospitals and nursing homes, Medicare/Medicaid, information about the aged, the disabled and the poor. Also included are sources covering topics such as illnesses, nutrition, information about diseases and diet and nutrition surveys.

Kentucky Department of Health Annual Report
Annual, 1996-97 - Annual Report of the development and operation of the public health programs by this Department during the fiscal year. (Taken from Report)
Reportable Diseases, Annual Summary
The web page providing access to this report begins with a summary of the status for Kentucky, a description of the surveillance system, a list of all the reportable diseases, and the report which provides State and for the Area Development Districts.
Kentucky Department for Public Health Find It Fast Index
Entitled "Search by Topic" on the Kentucky Department for Public Health home page, the "Find-It-Fast Index" is a A-Z list of topics, issues, publications, services, personnel information, and programs handled by the Kentucky Department for Public Health.
Ambulatory Surgical Services Reports
Annual, 1999- This report covers the calendar year for all agencies in accordance with licensing and regulation reporting requirements. The data is submitted by the ambulatory services centers throughout the state of Kentucky. These facilities include both freestanding and hospital based ambulatory surgical services. The data is presented by Area Development Districts (ADD), and a map of the districts is included within the report. There are two main sections in this report: Capacity Data - shows the number of ambulatory operating rooms, cystology rooms and non-exclusive operating rooms; and Facility Utilization Data – includes data submitted on the number of surgeries performed in each specialized area. (Taken from Report)
Atlas of United States Mortality
From the Centers for Disease Control, this atlas shows all leading causes of death by race and sex for small U.S. geographic areas referred to as Health Service Areas (HSA's). The 18 causes of death included in this atlas account for 83 percent of all deaths in the United States during 1988-92. In addition to maps with age-adjusted death rates for each HSA, the atlas includes maps that compare each HSA rate to the national rate, smoothed maps for each cause that show the broad geographic patterns at selected ages, and a chart with regional rates for each cause of death.
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
The BRFSS is a telephone health survey co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Kentucky Department for Public Health. … Data from each individual surveyed are combined to determine the health practices of Kentuckians
Child Fatality Review and Injury Prevention: Kentucky Child Fatality Review Annual Report
This very informative report comparing Unnatural and Natural deaths of children in Kentucky. The reports provide statistical data in both tabular, charts, and graphs formats. The 2003 & 2004 Reports data are primarily at the State and National Level. Note: as of November 2007, there are publications on this site which have a extension which require the Microsoft 2003 Publisher software to be opened.
Centers for Disease Control Office of Communications Media Relations Online Publications
These online publications from the Centers for Disease Control provide current and unique health resources of information. Included are Green Sheet Cruise Ship Sanitation Inspections, Blue Sheet Cholera reports, the Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report and current Vital Statistics data. (PDF format)
Children’s Health Insurance Program
See Medicaid/K-Chip
Epidemiology Program Reports
This Report Series, which intermittently gets new titles, some of which carry statistics are cited here. However the Kentucky Health Department page should be checked for the latest statistical titles.
Kentucky Epidemiologic Notes and Reports
Monthly, January 2000- This is a monthly newsletter which has the latest Kentucky State, Area Development District, and County public health information and related statistics.
Kentucky Cancer Registry
The Kentucky Cancer Center Registry(KCR) has an interactive Cancer Database website page. The Cancer data user will find there are County level Cancer Incidence Rates and Mortality Rates for (All?) various kinds of Cancer. There is an option for varied profiles of individuals by race, sex, and cancer site. The user can compile Cancer Statistics profiles for any or all of the years 1995-2004. The geography options include Kentucky Counties, all Area Development Districts, the (Kentucky) Appalachia Counties, and for (Kentucky) Urban/Rural Areas.
Kentucky County Health Profiles
Annual, 1997- The primary purpose of this report (which started in 1995) is to gather in one place a number of key health status indicators that can assist local planners in assessing the health needs of their communities. It is intended to complement the Kentucky Annual Vital Statistics Report. This report incorporates data for Kentucky’s fifteen Area Development Districts (ADD’s) as well as the 120 counties. The Kentucky summary is presented first, followed by the ADDs, the counties in alphabetical order, the definitions of each indicator, some technical notes, and a list of data sources. (Taken from the Report)
Health Status of Kentuckians 1999 Report
Report: The Health Status of Kentuckians 1999 reports the frequency and distribution of several clinical conditions that cause our demise.
Kentucky HIV-AIDS Semiannual/Annual Report
Annual, 2001- AIDS and HIV data compiled by the KY Department of Health and the Center for Diseases Prevention and Control include National, State, Area Development District, and County information profiles. Varied kinds of data and charts are presented.
Kentucky Annual Home Health Services Report
Annual, 1999- Data in this report are organized in three sections. Section I shows beginning census, admissions, discharges and ending census by agency and county of service. Section II shows total patients served by age category, agency and county of service. Section III shows the number of patients served and number of visits for various disciplines (skilled nursing, home health aide, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy) for each agency during 2004. The agencies are grouped first by Area Development District then by county served. ADD totals appear throughout the report following all county data for each ADD. Statewide totals appear at the end of each section. In addition, Section IV contains information and changes regarding individual agencies during the year. (Taken from Report)
Kentucky Annual Hospice Services Report
Annual, 1999- Data in this report are organized in two sections. SECTION I – Data Summary; Map of Area Development Districts and Counties; Total Patients Served by ADD; Total Hospice Patients Served and Admissions by Year; Hospice Patients Served by ADD (Table 1) Admission Comparison by Year; SECTION II – Census and Service Data by Facility and County Served (Taken from Report)
KCIP Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program
(SEE BELOW) Medicaid--/K-Chip
Kentucky Hospital Utilization Reports
Annual, 1999- This report covers the utilization and services activities of licensed Kentucky hospitals for the calendar year.
Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center
Includes injury Indicators and occupational fatalities.
Licensed Physicians
Kentucky Licensed Physicians By Specialty is a 2006 33 page chart of the numbers of physicians in each county and totals for each Area Development District.
Kentucky Annual Long-Term Care Report
Annual, 1999- This report which provides State, Area Development District, and County level patient data covers the following types of facilities’: Long-Term Care, Nursing Facility, Skilled Nursing, Nursing Home, Intermediate Care, Alzheimer’s Facility, and Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded.
Kentucky Annual Magnetic Resonance Imaging Services Reports
Annual, 1999- This report covers State, Area Development District, County, and facility data for the period of January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004. It includes MRI procedure utilization for all licensed MRI units operating in Kentucky that are compliant with the Kentucky licensing and regulation reporting requirements. It does not include physician owned and operated MRI units in the state.
Medicaid Statistics by Kentucky County
The Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services provides several Medicaid Eligibility Service reports and files back to 1997 for each of the 120 counties. A MS246 report consists of three tables of information about children, parents, families and the aged. Each report is found in PDF files.
Medicaid—K-CHIP (Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program)
County Enrollment Data for the Midicaid/K-Chip Program Semiannual StateFY, 2003- Each 2 page report provides monthly data for each of the 120 Counties.
State Health Facts Online
This site, from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, contains the latest state-level data on demographics, health, and health policy, including health coverage, access, financing, and state legislation. Data may be compared for all the states by choosing a topic in given categories. Information is displayed as tables, rankings, graphs or color-coded maps.
Tobacco Data Reports (Kentucky)
Identifies and leads to several Adult and teen Use Surveys Data for tobacco use at the State, County, and Area Development Districts levels. There are various reports found on this page provide State wide and county statistics about the use of tobacco products.
Vital Statistics Reports
Births and Deaths Annual, 1996- This reports covers the calendar year and provides birth and death data for the State, Area Development Districts, and all Counties.
West Nile Virus Summaries
Annual, 2001- Statistics are for reported cases by county, by Area Development District data, and for the State of Kentucky.
WISQARS; Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System
This is an interactive database system that provides customized reports of injury-related data.
Hospital and Patient Cost Information
Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) Kids’ Inpatient Database and Reports (KID) State Inpatient Database and Reports (SID) State Ambulatory Surgery Databases (SASD) State Emergency Department Databases (SEDD) Databases with hospital and patient cost statistics.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Fast Facts A to Z
Kentucky (and other States) Health Facts, Data, Links Quick access to a variety of State level sources of information about every State.
Health for All Ages
Over 50 data tables, including publications, maps, charts, and interactive files for topics such as: Pregnancy, Births, Risk Factors, Health Status, Disability, Health Care Access and Use, Mortality.
Medicare State and County Enrollment Reports (MSIS)
State, Annual 2002/County, Annual 2002- Reports cover the Medicare data for Kentucky and other States (and counties)
Medicaid States Enrollment Tables (MSIS)
Annual, 1999-
The State of Your Health: Kentucky
The Trust for America’s Health site covers Kentucky and all other States for anyone doing geographic comparative studies.
Obesity Reports: F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are Failing in America (Yr).
Annual, 2004 -
FOOD Nutrients Identification
The nutrients of foods, such as pretzels, are found through this online database.
Nutrient Value of Foods, Home and Garden Bulletin 72
The database version of Bulletin 72, this resource provides information on the Nutrients and calories in specific food(s).
Nutrient Lists: Food(s) carrying a single nutrient
Foods sorted in an alphabetical list (of foods) which carry a specific nutrient(s) and List(s) of the names of foods sorted by content (from most to least by content) which contain a single nutrient.
Cost of Food ? 1994 to Present
Prices of food as part of USDA Food plans
U.S. Average at Four Cost Levels
Based on USDA Official Food Plans, Family Food Costs (1994- Current) Statistics can easily be compiled from the Chart of the U.S. Average Cost of Meals for a family of 2, and of 4 for the months from January 1994 to current. Monthly data is supplemented by the Annual Average figure given every June. If the need arises, Bi-Annual Costs data is also provided.

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