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  • General (Compiled by Bill Richardson, KY Dept. for Libraries & Archives) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Cabinet for Economic Development: Research and Statistics
    The Cabinet for Economic Development's "Research & Statistics" page provides support for economic development professionals and businesses through data source identification, reporting and analysis. Of particular interest for state and local government research are:
    Community Profiles
    These profiles provide extensive community information on Kentucky counties and cities.
    Deskbook of Economic Statistics
    Provides statistics on population, employment and wages, unemployment, education, crime, income and poverty, labor force, and more.
    Fact Sheets on Doing Business in Kentucky
    Provides information on taxes, incentives, economic development programs, education, workers compensation, utilities, transportation and more.
    Census of Governments: State and Local Government Finances, 1997
    This table provides data from the 1997 Census of Governments on the finances of state and local governments, both revenue and expenditures.
    Department for Local Government's Links
    The Department for Local Government's "Links" page provides web links to Federal and State agencies, as well as links to Kentucky Area Development District resources and related professional association sites.
    State Government Finances
    This site provides access to data on the finances of state governments, both revenue and expenditures. Search boxes make it easy to select Kentucky data for the year you need, or you can go directly to the data for 1998, the most recent available.
    Commonwealth of Kentucky Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    Produced and distributed by the Finance and Administration Cabinet, this report, includes all funds, account groups, and component units for which the Commonwealth of Kentucky is financially accountable. The report describes the Commonwealth's financial position and results of operations as measured by the financial activity of various funds. Reports for the years 1996 through 2000 are available online. (PDF format)
    Office of Financial Management
    The Office of Financial Management is responsible for the review and approval of all debt issued in the name of the Commonwealth. They publish several reports including-
  • Elections (Compiled by Dee Wood, University of Kentucky) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Certified Voting Systems
    This table provides Voting Systems that are certified by the Kentucky State Board of Elections. It lists each voting system, approval date, and company name.
    Election Links
    This page includes links to websites that provide information on elections, polling results, and political parties at both the State and Federal level.
    Electoral Votes for President and Vice President
    The National Archives and Records Administration publishes the daily Federal Register which contains Electoral College Box Scores listed by state. Kentucky's electoral votes for President and Vice president for the years 1789-1996 can be found at this site. Click on the date in the "Electoral Votes by State" table to access the Kentucky vote.
    Kentucky Elections
    This web page, provided by the Kentucky Secretary of State, contains extensive statistical information on Kentucky elections and Kentucky voter activity down to the county level from 1973 to the present.
    Kentucky Registry of Election Finance
    This web page provides detailed statistical data and reports on the financing of state and local elections in Kentucky.
    Kentucky Voter Registration and Turnout in Presidential Elections
    The Federal Election Commission provides national and state historical statistics on voter registration and turnout in Presidential elections. This site provides Kentucky information for the years 1960-1992.

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