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Adjusted State and Local Education Expenditures per Individual 5 to 44 Years Old, 1999
This chart contains information about state and local education expenditures for individuals from ages 5 to 44.
Adult Education and Literacy in Kentucky
Published by the Legislative Research Commission, this report analyzes and gives statistics on education, literacy, teachers, and job training.
Adult Literacy in Kentucky
This site includes statistics on adult literacy in Kentucky by state, county, and income.
Annual Percentage of Kentucky School Students Who Drop Out
This graph shows dropout figures for Kentucky.
Data About Kentucky Colleges and Universities
This site includes statistics on Kentucky higher education.
Education and the Common Good: Social Benefits of Higher Education in Kentucky
This is a cost-benefit analysis of some of the social benefits Kentucky realizes from an educated populace.
Educational Attainment by Age and Sex
Educational attainment by age and sex. The figures are for High School Graduate or More and Bachelor's Degree or More. Information is from the Kentucky Deskbook of Economic Statistics.
Educational Attainment of Kentucky Counties
Educational attainment by county for 1990 and 2000. The figures are for
High School Graduate or Higher and Bachelors Degree or Higher. Information is from the Kentucky Deskbook of Economic Statistics.
Head Start Statistics
Head Start Program statistics and social statistics.
Kentucky Education Facts
Kentucky Education Facts provides a brief page of statistics covering all aspects of education in Kentucky. Links to Kentucky agencies providing the statistical information for each category are provided.
Kentucky Education Indicators with a Focus on Title I
Information includes demographics, accountability, achievement, and NAEP State Results.
Kentucky Safe Schools Project
The Center for School Safety's Kentucky Safe Schools Project compiles statistics on prevention programs, law violations, firearms expulsions, disciplinary actions and security measures in Kentucky schools.
Open House: Kentucky Department of Education
"Open House is the Kentucky Department of Education’s public one-stop-shop for education data. Similar to a school open house, we invite you to visit and look around. Kentucky’s publicly available education data are just a click away within this site. All data are aggregated to protect student privacy. If you don’t find what you need, information on how to request data is available here."
Percent of Fall, First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen Returning the Following Fall Semester (%)
Retention statistics for first-time, full-time freshmen for Kentucky and other States. The statistics cover from 1990-2001 for both universities and community colleges.
Performance: Kentucky Department for Adult Education and Literacy
Statistics on adult education: demographics, enrollment, performance, and research.
School Report Cards
"The purpose of the School Report Card is to keep parents and community members informed about what is going on in each Kentucky school."
A Study of the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Program (Legislative Research Commission) 2003
A study of the program that "provides merit-based grants to Kentucky college students based on their high school grade point average (GPA) and ACT scores."

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