Business & Economy

  • Earnings & Income (Compiled by Claudia Fitch, Louisville Free Public Library) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Child Poverty
    Click on KidsCount for data from 1995-present.
    Local Area Personal Income
    This table, from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Labor, gives personal income, per capita income and other income data for Kentucky and other states from 1969.
  • Expenditures & Wealth (Compiled by Claudia Fitch, Louisville Free Public Library) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Actual Expenditures by Program: Kentucky State Supported Institutions
    This table includes data for each state supported university. Source: Council on Postsecondary Education
    Kentucky State and Local Government Expenditures 1977-1979, 1997-1999.
    Source: Kentucky Long Term Policy Research Center
  • Finance (Compiled by Claudia Fitch, Louisville Free Public Library) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Consolidated Federal Funds Report
    This link provides access to the latest version of this report. Data includes state breakdowns for all federal funding distributed at the state and county level. Reports for previous years are also available. (PDF format)
    Economic Census- Finance and Insurance- Kentucky, 1997
    This document provides economic data on the finance industry in Kentucky. (PDF format). Note: 2002 Economic Census for this report will be released in September 2005.
    Finance and Insurance by Employment Size of Enterprise
    This is part of the Statistics of U.S. Businesses Report released in 2001 by the Census Bureau.
    Office of Financial Institutions Annual Report
    In PDF format. Previous years also available.
  • Industrial Outlook (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    This site provides access to current and recent industrial outlook information from its online periodical, "Plant Sites and Parks Magazine, relative to business expansion and relocation throughout the fifty states. Articles are brief and present business forecasting data in narrative form. Read about trends in various fields of industry or do a search for all PSP articles on Kentucky from the last five years by using the "search site" key.
    Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development
    Kentucky's Economic Development Cabinet offers this useful site that is split 50/50 between content and links to other agencies (Federal, State and Trade Groups) providing statistical data in the economic development area. Of the half dozen or so sub-links on the EDC web page, researchers can locate: Community Profiles; Kentucky Facts; Statistics on Kentucky, and Economic Development Resource links, which include data from both the U.S. Economic Census and Census of Population and Housing. The Facts Sheets, particularly those under the "Doing Business in Kentucky" sub-link, provide relatively recent forecasting information. The open-file contents table on the EDC navigator bar makes searching quick and easy.
    Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center Bookshelf
    The KLTPRC posts a cumulative list of planning and forecasting reports ranging from healthcare in Appalachian Kentucky to the changing workforce. Numerous reports cover key industries in Kentucky, as well as the state's general economic climate. Statistical charts and graphs are linked as "Figure nos." within each report. Although primary presentation emphasis is on text,, the accompanying graphs and charts supplement the text and provide the researcher with concise, easy-to-understand data. The KLTPRC site is highly supportive of many research activities including environmental scanning, business forecasting, and economic outlook.
    Kentucky Small Business Development Center
    Although this site's content is largely geared to small business start-ups and operations on a national level, researchers will find a wealth of forecasting information, geared to specific areas of entrepreneurship, on the site's link to "Small Business Learning.Net". The SBLN's links to the Business Library- Reference Materials- Industry Information" provide numerous outlook snapshots of key small business areas, e.g. retailing, technology, and hospitality. Current articles are also linked under each Small Business area. The trends and industry outlooks provided apply to all regions and states, including Kentucky.
  • Insurance (Compiled by Sandra McAninch, University of Kentucky) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Current Population Reports--Health Insurance Coverage
    On page 10, this document provides data on gaps in health insurance coverage by state for the three years indicated. (PDF format)
    2002 Economic Census-- Finance and Insurance--Kentucky
    This document provides economic data on the insurance industry in Kentucky. (PDF format)
    Health Insurance Reform in the 1990's
    This report provides data on the health insurance industry in Kentucky over the last decade. (PDF format)
    Kentucky Deskbook of Economic Statistics
    This website provides data on employment in various sectors of the Kentucky economy, including the insurance sector.
  • Labor & Workforce (Compiled by Claudia Fitch, Louisville Free Public Library) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    County Business Patterns
    The County Business Patterns for Kentucky is published annually by the U.S. Department of Labor. It includes the number of businesses, employment and classifications. The data for County Business Patterns are published on the basis of North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). (PDF format) The data is from 1993-2004 when it stopped publication.
    Current Employment Statistics
    This site reports current state and metropolitan area employment statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    Kentucky At A Glance
    "The Bureau of Labor Statistics produces Economy At A Glance pages at the national, regional, state and metropolitan area levels. The data displayed in these pages are assembled from different surveys and programs conducted by BLS. The Economy At A Glance pages are refreshed with current data every time any of the source programs releases new statistics. This typically occurs 7 to 9 times per month."
    Kentucky Civilian Labor Force
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Kentucky labor statistics from 1993 to current. Other employment data is available here as well
    Manufacturing Employment by County
    Report for manufacturing employment by county by type of manufacturing production. From the Kentucky Deskbook of Economic Statistics
    Nonagricultural Employment by State: 1990-present
    This report about nonagricultural employment in Kentucky covers the period from 1990-2001 (PDF format)
    State and Regional Unemployment, Annual Averages
    This report covers state and regional employment and unemployment statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Manufactures (Compiled by Claudia Fitch, Louisville Free Public Library) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Automobile Production in Kentucky
    This report presents statistics about total car and truck production in Kentucky and compares production with competitor states.
    Kentucky Top 10 Manufacturers
    This report shows the top 10 manufacturing firms in Kentucky. (PDF format)
    Top 100 Manufacturing Firms by Employment
    This chart shows the top 100 manufacturing firms in Kentucky. It includes employment figures, city and division.
  • Technology and Communications (Compiled by Kurt Metzmeier, University of Louisville) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Consolidated Database System (CDBS) Public Access
    This is a database of license application and ownership information from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's Mass Media Bureau databases for AM, FM, TV, LPTV, and DTV broadcast stations. It allows users to search by city or state name.
    Internet Access Providers/Web Hosting Companies
    This free, commercially produced database of Internet Service Providers can be searched by area code or by zip code.
    Kentucky Area Codes
    This map shows Kentucky's four area codes, broken down by county. (PDF format)
    Kentucky Network Servers- By Locality
    This website, maintained by the University of Kentucky, lists Internet servers in Kentucky by locality.
    Kentucky Radio and Television Markets
    This is a comprehensive listing of television stations in Kentucky, with full FCC information for all commercial stations. There is a less comprehensive listing of radio stations but it includes, in addition to FCC information, information on streaming audio access. The site is maintained by TvRadioWorld, a web-based commercial information directory in operation since 1996.
    Utility Information
    The Kentucky Public Service Commission provides maps and other information about utility services in Kentucky, including cellular and local exchange telephone information, electrical service, and natural gas distribution.
    Local Universe Estimates for the 2002-2003 Broadcast Season
    This report by America's top media analysis firm, Nielsen Media Research, lists the top 210 U.S. television markets, and includes Louisville (50), Lexington (65), Paducah,KY - Cape Girardeau, MO-Harrisburg-Mt. Vernon, IL (75), and Bowling Green, KY (180).
  • Transportation (Compiled by Roxanna Jones, University of Kentucky) (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    1999 Statewide Transportation Plan
    This 20 year plan for all modes of transportation in Kentucky is updated every four years and includes a demographic picture of Kentucky, an overview of all transportation systems, a description of the transportation planning and public involvement processes in Kentucky, a funding summary for all systems and projects listings for each mode.

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