Ground Courier Information

KYVL is committed to creating a reliable cost-effective statewide system of resource sharing for Kentuckians and students of the Kentucky Virtual Campus. Resource sharing will complement the KYVL electronic resources by making Kentucky libraries' collections available to all users.

  • Essential Forms and Documentation (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Online pick-up form
    Login with your OCLC symbol and use this form to send library materials to participating libraries. Print 2 copies, landscape mode. Your courier will sign one and leave it for your records. If you are unable to access the online pickup form, you may use this form as a workaround.
    Please note: KYVL is now using this form to collect statistics. If you do not use this form, we will have no record of your usage. In instances where you must use the workaround form above, please enter the information into the regular courier form on a later date.
    Courier schedules:
    Courier Signature Sheet
    Print this sheet for the courier to sign when you have no outgoing materials. Courier will NOT sign this when you prepared the Online Pickup Form for an outgoing shipment.
    Report a problem
    Use the online form in the KYVL Support Center to report problems with the courier service, notify KYVL of planned closings, or request courier supplies..
  • Helpful Information (click to expand)(click to collapse)
    Courier Help Guide
    Look here for everything you need to know about how to use the KYVL Courier Service.
    Ground Courier Usage Statistics
    Ariel - Infotrieve's document delivery system for users of the Internet.
    Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States
    Kentucky Union List of Serials - Compilation of serial holdings from libraries throughout Kentucky.

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