Master Agreements

KYVL has signed Master Agreements with the following database vendors. Below you will find basic information about each vendor, including their Master Agreement numbers, the scope of the Master Agreement and which of their products, if any, are part of the KYVL core collection.

Vendors at a Glance

Vendors MA # Products in KYVL Core
EBSCO MA7580700002052
Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc MA7580700002054
OCLC MA7580700002050
ProQuest MA7580700002044
Scholastic Library Publishing (Grolier) MA7580700002046

Scope of Master Agreement

The purpose of the Master Agreements is to establish a contract to provide electronic indexes, abstract, and full-text databases as well as encyclopedias and other digital content, in broad coverage of disciplines for providers and users of the Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL). On an annual basis, the KYVL will determine what databases, if any; will be acquired from the Master Agreement for these services. The determination to license a database that is on the Master Agreement will be based upon customer demand for types of databases, value of the database to the KYVL, and available budget and financial participation from library partners.

KYVL members have access to the core collection of databases and may offer access to their users. In addition to the core database collection, each library, member, or community also has the option to purchase access and negotiate licensing requirements, etc. to additional databases of its choice from vendors who have received a Master Agreement. KYVL members expect to also negotiate additional discounts based upon other products purchased from the same vendor or for other reasons agreed upon by both parties. KYVL members may also request additional training required beyond the KYVL master agreement minimums, as needed, and members would be responsible for additional costs to be negotiated with each vendor.

Terms of Master Agreement and Renewel Options

The initial term of the Master Agreement shall be for a period of two (2) years from the effective date of the Award of Master Agreement. This Master Agreement may be renewed at the completion of the initial Master Agreement period for two (2) additional two (2) year periods upon the mutual agreement of the Parties. Such mutual agreement shall take the form of an addendum to the Master Agreement.

The Commonwealth reserves the right not to exercise any or all renewal options. The Commonwealth reserves the right to extend the Master Agreement for a period less than the length of the above-referenced renewal period if such an extension is determined by the Commonwealth Buyer to be in the best interest of the Commonwealth.


Use of the Master Agreements and KYVL Core Collection is limited to KYVL members only. Non members should inquire about subscribing to KYVL for access to the core collection and approval to use the Master Agreements.

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