Leadership Team


  • Manage the KYVL strategic plan
  • Commission, decommission, and coordinate committees and work groups
  • Serve as an active team that works closely with KYVL staff on KYVL operations and initiatives, addressing issues at meetings and involving work groups as appropriate

The KYVL Leadership Team consists of 7 members. Representatives from member libraries should be Deans or Directors, those with decision-making authority; they will serve a 3-year term. Membership of the Leadership Team includes:

  • 1 representative from Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU)*
  • 1 representative from State-Assisted Academic Library Council of Kentucky (SAALCK)*
  • 1 representative from K-12* or Library Media Consultant from KDE
  • 1 representative from Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS)*
  • 1 representative from Kentucky public libraries*
  • 1 representative from Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
  • Director of the KYVL

*The representative on the KYVL Leadership Team must come from an institution/district that is a current member of KYVL.

The KYVL Leadership Team shall have two officers:

  • Chair 
  • Chair Elect with Recorder duties

The Chair Elect will serve in this capacity in the first or second year of his/her term (if in a 3-year term) and serve as Chair in the following year.  The Chair Elect will be named per a rotation of members, excluding the Director of the KYVL.  The Chair of the KYVL Leadership Team serves as an ex officio non-voting member of the KYVL Alliance.


2015-16 Roster of Members

  • Ilona Burdette - St. Catharine College (AIKCU)
  • Sonja Eads - Maysville Community and Technical College (KCTCS)
  • Doyle Friskney - Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (KYVL)
  • Amanda Gearhart - Lincoln County Public Library
  • David Gregory - Morehead State University (SAALCK), Chair
  • Kathy Mansfield - Kentucky Department for Education
  • Terry Manuel - Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

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